Frequently asked question of myself and the staff:

Do you offer cake decorating classes?

Yes we do. We post them on our website and on our Facebook page. It is updated as often as we know and is based on both sides of availability, (if we do not have enough we will not offer the class and if it is full we wil post accordingly. Best practice is to visit the Cake Decorating Page for current details.

Is the class fee every visit? Do I have to pay in advance? How does that work?

No the fee is to cover all 4 weeks! Yes the payment is in advance. Simply pay your fee and then attend the class all four weeks! It’s just that simple and our students have seen huge improvements in their skill level and ability since taking them!

Do you have a particular item for my cake?

We get asked constantly if we carry certain items. It is best to visit our store if you have not, and see for yourself. We carry the LARGESDT and most UNIQUE selection in the area!

Do you still make edible photos?

Of course! And they will stay at just $12.99 for print ready photos and just $14.99 if we have to edit or make changes on your behalf.

And then how long do the edible photos last?

No need to refrigerate, they will last up to 2 weeks!

Do you bake?

No and this is probably asked daily! We have talented bakers in store to offer suggestions to help YOU master your next creation.