Established in 1989

After working in the industry with weddings and wedding cakes, I saw a need to be able to have an outlet for those who were passionate about baking. I started out in a small (under 750 square foot small) building which served us and the community well for many years. We then saw a need to expand and moved to a larger location nearby. Enjoyed it and the growth we felt was overwhelming. We stayed there almost 20 years until bad storms and flooding forced us out and the move to our current location was made.


This year held a very special milestone for me. We held the areas LARGEST cake show and competition with over 130 cakes entered and displayed from 4 states! Celebrity judges from the Food Network and Flavor Right helped to judge. And the monies raised went to The East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.  The honorable Mayor Glenn Jacobs surprised me by a proclamation delcaring it the store as well as my day. What a humbling event, what an incredible honor, and what a great cause. 


514 Merchants Road

Knoxville, TN 37912